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About Awaken Family Chiropractic

When Dr. Erica Smothers opened the doors to Awaken Family Chiropractic, she made it her mission to contribute to a growing community of healthy and happy families.

Using the name "Awaken" seemed fitting as so many people spend their lives unhealthy and not feeling their best. Chiropractic care has the unique ability to help  awaken your healing potential.

It's our mission to share the benefits of chiropractic care for everyone from babies to children, teens, expecting moms and adults.

Awaken Family Chiropractic

Treating You Like Family

When you become a patient at our office, your health and well-being becomes a top priority for us. We promise to treat you like we would our own family! You will never be treated as "just another number" or feel like you're rushed in or out in any way.

Just as each of our patients are individuals, the care the receive is individualized as well. It is tailored to you and your body and what it needs. Healing is a journey that takes time, and it is rarely ever a linear experience. We want to know your health goals, or your health goals for your children, and we want to help you reach them! 

Hope child adjustment

Get Started Today!

Contact us to find out if our office is a great fit for you and your family!

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