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See What People Are Saying About Us...

"I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Erica for over five years now. I originally started seeing her for headaches I got from studying. Dr. Erica helped me understand the cause of my headaches and how she could help and how long term care could actually help prevent my headaches. I used to think it was normal to get headaches, I know that it is not normal but now I don't have them because I get adjusted. She also has helped me with my ankle, I have sprained it a few times playing sports and because of her care I was walking normal and back to playing sports in no time. She is great and I am so thankful for her and chiropractic care!"

          - Lindsey W.

"Our family loves Dr. Erica! Our three year old son always asks when we’re going to see Dr. Erica to get adjusted, and she is so good with him. We appreciate her natural mindset and always keeping our family happy and healthy. She really takes her time with you and answers all questions, which I love! We highly recommend Awaken Family Chiropractic."

          -Morgan W.

"I love bringing my children to see Dr. Erica and the kids look forward to their visit with her as much as mom does. Her office is very kid-friendly and not intimidating for young children. I started my chiropractic care for my children at the beginning of my pregnancy with each one of them. I found that my low back pain was alleviated when I made regular trips to the chiropractor and made for very easy deliveries, too! I brought each child in for chiropractic care beginning at one week of age and they have been seen on a regular basis ever since. My children range in age from 6 to 14 years old and they have been receiving chiropractic care their entire lives! Overall, I feel they are extremely healthy and rarely ever get major illnesses, and they are easily able to fight off colds. I have also brought my children in for care when dealing with any sports-related injuries. Dr. Erica is wonderful with my children and they absolutely love coming to see her! I would highly recommend chiropractic care to any parent for their child. Not only do I bring my children in to see her, but she adjusts me as well. Moms need adjustments to stay healthy and feeling well, too!"

          -Jocelyn S.

"Dr. Erica is extremely knowledgeable and takes her time with each patient. I love how she schedules plenty of time for each patient so you never feel rushed or unimportant. I recommend her to all my friends!"

          -Kristina M.

"I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Erica! Her office has a cheerful atmosphere that is noticeable as soon as you step inside. From the time a patient walks in the door until the time they leave, she gives them her undivided attention and care. Not only is she a gifted Chiropractor, but she is also an amazing person who gives back to her community and encourages her patients to do the same."

          -Jessie H.

"I’ve always been skeptical of seeing a chiropractor, but was recommended by a good friend/my massage therapist. Dr. Erica has been so amazing to me. Especially with my pregnancy pains... she’s been super gentle and talked me through the entire thing. Now I go every other week to see her and plan to bring my baby to see her as well! 10/10 highly recommend! I especially love all that we chat about! She’s amazing."

          -Kristina A.

"I see Dr. Erica on a weekly basis for scoliosis pain and general health maintenance. My pain is being managed better than it has in years! I love that I'm in and out of the office in 30 minutes or less. She's willing to work around my schedule and is very flexible if I need to change appointments. Even though she specializes in pediatrics, anyone of any age will benefit from seeing Dr. Erica!"

          -Julie S.

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