Dr. Erica Smothers welcomes you to Awaken Family Chiropractic!

Entry way into the brand new office

Waiting room, featuring educational posters and photos from a local artist.

A place for kids to play in the waiting room, too!

Dr. Erica adjusting a child. Adjustments for kids are extremely safe! Children under regular chiropractic care report improved immune function, improved sleep, better mood and demeanor, improved focus and attention, and more!

Adjustments for infants, toddlers, and children are very gentle. Adjustments are modified for their body shape and size. For example, the amount of pressure used to adjust an infant is similar to the pressure you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato.

High fives after a great adjustment!

One of Dr. Erica's favorite posters. "Chiropractors don't just believe that your child has infinite potential- our job is to unleash it." Your child was designed to be EXTRAORDINARY! Let us help him or her express it!

The new patient exam room. On your first visit, Dr. Erica will sit with you and go over your health history paperwork, perform a thorough examination, and perform neuro-spinal scans. These scans utilize the most advanced technology in measuring patients' overall health and well-being with regards to chiropractic care.

Dr. Erica performing a thermal scan on a patient. The scans are pain free and only take a few minutes to perform. These scans give us a way to track how you as a patient are improving under care.

On your second visit, Dr. Erica will sit down with you and go over her findings, your scans and how they are interpreted, and give you her recommendations for care to start you or your child on the road to healing!

One of Dr. Erica's favorite Chiro Kids!

Parents of children that are under regular chiropractic care report improvements in their child's overall health, including improved sleeping, increased immune function, and improved alertness and attentiveness.