Your First Visit

Prior to your initial visit at our office, we ask that you fill out the new patient paperwork. Please fill this out as fully and accurately as possible. The more information we have about your health, the more we’ll be able to help!


At your initial visit to Awaken Family Chiropractic, we will give you a tour of our office and then take you to the exam room, where you will have a consultation with the doctor. Dr. Erica will sit down with you and discuss your health history and the paperwork which you have completed. She will then explain the benefits of chiropractic care and specifically how she can help you and your family. If you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to ask! Next, you will receive a comprehensive and thorough examination. This includes a physical exam and any necessary orthopedic testing, specific to your needs as a patient. Finally, Dr. Erica will perform a computerized neuro-spinal scan that evaluates stress on the central nervous system.


This will complete the initial visit. Afterwards, Dr. Erica will assess all of the information gathered to be able to address how your nervous system is functioning and determine the best possible care plan for your specific needs. 

Your Second Visit

On your second visit, the Report of Findings, Dr. Erica will sit down with you in her office and go over all of your examination findings. She will explain the scans and what they mean for you and your care, specifically. At this time, you will have the opportunity again to have any questions answered about the care we provide in our office or chiropractic in general. We believe that having a firm understanding of your nervous system functioning and the care you will receive will allow you to attain the best results possible!


 Dr. Erica will go over your specific care plan and what she recommends for treatment. These plans are customized for each patient, depending on their current health and the examination findings. If any further examinations or referrals are needed, you will be informed of those at this time, as well. Dr. Erica will discuss with you the financial aspects of your care and explain our affordable care plans for individuals and families.


Lastly, Dr. Erica will adjust you on this visit. We’ll then get you scheduled for your next appointment and on the road to healing and functioning at 100%!

Regular Visits

After the first two visits, regular visits to the office will take considerably less time. Dr. Erica will get you in, checked, and adjusted typically in 15 minutes or less. While these visits are much quicker, your health and care at the office are Dr. Erica’s top priorities, so don’t hesitate to address any new concerns.


We are excited for you to join our practice and get on the road to healing and functioning! If you have any questions prior to your visit, please contact Dr. Erica at

Please fill out the new patient paperwork and email, fax, or drop it off 24 hours prior to you initial appointment, if possible. This will give the doctor adequate time to review your health information. Paperwork can be emailed to